Ford Offers Hot Weather A/C Tips

Temperatures this time of year are hot, hot, hot. It’s crucial that you’re car, truck or SUV’s air conditioning system is working properly to keep you cool — especially on during your summer road trips.

Quick Tips:

  • Did you know that selecting a lighter exterior color and/or a lighter interior color can aid in reducing heat buildup in your parked vehicle?
  • When you get into your car, lower the windows for a few minutes to allow the hot air to be pushed out of the vehicle.
  • Don’t hold back on the A/C, set it to max to help  quickly cool down the vehicle.
  • If you get too cold, don’t switch the A/C on and off; instead set the temperature or fan speed to help keep the temperature both comfortable and consistent.
  • For some the challenge is that it is too cold in the front, and not cool enough in the back of the vehicle. Instead of shutting the A/C vents in the front, redirect them to the ceiling or sides of the vehicle to keep air flowing to the rear.
  • When the temps do betting to cool down, consider the option of driving around town with the A/C off and the windows rolled down.
  • Park in the shade whenever possible and utilize a reflective windshield shade. It can greatly aid in the reduction of heat buildup in a parked vehicle. Cabin temperature at startup will be much lower, and temperature comfort will be achieved much sooner on your drive.
  • If your vehicle is equipped with a moonroof or large panoramic roof, it is best to  close the shade to help reduce heat buildup.
  • For vehicles equipped with a remote start, be sure to set the climate control system up for automatic operation so you can start the cool-down process before getting into your  vehicle.

Ford engineers have dedicated a great amount of time and energy in developing smart a A/C system, as well as helping drivers understand how to get the most from their car’s cooling systems.

Fast Facts:

  • Previous A/C cooled all of the processed air to just above freezing, then reheated the air to the desired temperature. However, Ford’s newer system cools the air down to just below the desired temperature, then reheats it slightly, which improves fuel efficiency.
  • Ford’s system is smart, too. If the sun is beating down on one side the car, the A/C’s sensors will detect an imbalance and emit cooler air on that side to help keep the overall cabin environment consistently cool and comfortable.

Service Matters:

  • It’s important to follow your vehichle’s maintenance schedule for when the cabin air filter should be replaced. Never just remove the filter; you should always replace it.
  • If your vehicle isn’t cooling as it should or cooling becomes inconsistent, bring it in for service right away.
  • After being on the road for several years, it is entirely possible some refrigerant may escape from the A/C system in your car which can result in the system not working properly. The only way to restore the system to peak its peek operating condition is to have the remaining refrigerant removed and a proper quantity of refrigerant added. It is best to have this work done at a certified dealership, such as those you can find at

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